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Welcome to my home on the web. I hope you find something here that's useful.

Amateur Astronomy

I've created some amateur astronomy information and services.

I'm a member of the Skokie Valley Astronomers, a club devoted to amateur astronomy. We meet on the second Friday of every month. All of our meetings are open to the public.

Public Presentations

I've given many presentations to my astronomy club and at other venues, including Astronomy Day at Harper Junior College, and at Yerkes Observatory star parties. I'd love to give one of these presentations at your facility. If you need speakers for public presentations, please email me: Email: Dale Dellutri .

I live in northeast Illinois, specifically in Lake County, IL, and I'm willing to travel anywhere in my home county or the counties that border it to give a presentation. Traveling further distances can perhaps be negotiated.

I have also given live, interactive online presentations using Zoom, and I would consider giving any of the presentations in my catalog in the same way to your group. I may be able to use a different video teleconference software package, on request, with enough preparation.

Public presentation information:

Currently scheduled future presentations:


I've developed a few programming ideas.


I'm an amateur writer.


I maintain my bookmarks online.


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